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Modern School Picture Gallery

1st October, 2001'....The date has become etched into the memories of all those 'Modernities' who came from far and wide to attend the 1st Alumni Day Celebrations of Modern School Alumni Association that were held on that very memorable date. The genesis of the evening lay in the meeting that some of the ex-modernities had with Reena Mam in July, 2001. With the proposal of forming an alumni association. After Go ahead, things seemed to move at a dizzying pace. What followed was round of meetings, election of the executive committee, framing of the constitution, getting the association registered, designing a logo, enrolling members and finally making arrangements for the 1st Alumni Day. For the Executive Committee it was a hectic time. Everyone pitched in with full fervour and dedication and the result was a very successful Alumni Day. In fact it turned out to be better than anyone had imagined. A total of 267 alumni ranging from the 1953 batch to the 2001 batch along with their families attended the function.

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