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Modern School Picture Gallery

Wherever you are...Welcome HOME !! This is our website - our own place to get in touch with our roots, our alma mater and our friends with whom we spent almost everyday for a significant time of our life.

To meet and part is the way of life,

To part and meet is the hope of life..

This hope to meet again those, with whom we parted our ways to carve a niche for ourselves in this world, finally brought us here, full circle indeed. Here, we are ! To reconnect - to walk down the memory lane - to rejuvenate old relationships- to turn old acquaintances into dear friends - to turn old friends into treasures. How many  of us have actually been able to keep in touch with all the friends who we had held very close to our heart at some point of time. We all finished our schooling and moved on. But when we suddenly meet them after years on the street, our heart just leaps with joy. _read more...

_ We meet last Sunday of Jan/Feb of every year to celebrate our sports day and we play non conventional games like Dodge Ball, Tug
of War, Catch O Egg etc with couples along with their wards.This year 'Annual Alumni Day' on 25th Feb 2010._________________read more..
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